Meet Your Team of Experts

R4Token is a family venture. Dad, aka Mario, is assisted by his two young children, Na'Tessa age 7 and Niqario age 5. Each one has a dream. Some dreams are simple, like Mario getting a full nights sleep. Others are a bit more complicated, involving a real dinosaur park and unlimited snacks or a real life unicorn that poops glitter rainbows.

The R4T founders have been interested in building a community of collectors and investors. Like most of you, they started learning about NFTs in the summer of 2021. They still don’t completely get it, but here they are fumbling around!

Their aim is to increase the target audience of their works via Blockchain technology. The short term goal is to build their liquidation pool with the proceeds from the 1st NFT collection and start on that dinosaur park. R4T token will be used primarily for investment followed by the purchasing of additional selected NFTs and third, finding a damn unicorn (any help here would be appreciated).

They will leave their mark on this community by continuing to learn, share and grow. R4Token has come so far and they still have so much room to expand. Thank you for your time, support and being a part of their family.